Learning a language page

On this blog I also do posts about learning a language. The posts are focused on learning Japanese but some are also good to think about when you're trying to learn any other language as they simply pose questions that will keep you focused and will create habits that make learning fun.

The posts will be tagged with [all] meaning that even though I talk about Japanese, these posts can easily be adapted to any language that you want to learn. Other posts will be tagged [Jap] meaning that I'm talking about something that is specifically for Japanese learners.

Without further ado:

Learning a language series:

1. Starting out with learning a language [all]
2. Choosing the right method to learn [all]
3. How to get more passive knowledge? / How to keep training your passive understanding of a language? [all]
4. Scary kanji, aka do I need it and how do I do this [jap]

Other posts that are important for learning a language:
- Learning Strategy: Flashcards [all]
- Flashcards, how to make them [all]
- Flashcards, how to study [all]

Studying kana:
1. Hiragana, set 1, A-ZO
2. Hiragana, set 2, TA-PO
3. Hiragana, set 3, MA-N 
4. Special sounds; mixed, doubles, N