Friday, 24 May 2013

Interview #4, Sumesh Kunwar

Another Friday, another interview, this time with Sumesh, who is studying Dutch.

Name: Sumesh Kunwar
Country: Nepal
Age: 27

Original language: Nepali
New language: Dutch
Proficiency in new language: 1/5, Just started

How long have you been learning the language: 1 year
Other languages you speak: English, Hindi
Why are you learning the language: I have been living in Netherlands for almost 2 years now. Dutch people are easy going and I think they love to talk. As Dutch is one of the difficult language to learn, I felt like trying. I am learning Dutch also for better job opportunity.

What do you find the most fun part about learning the language: The fun part is obviously the utmost degree of self satisfaction in exploring a totally different culture.
What do you hate about learning the language:  Only very few learners and learners' groups.

What is your tip to other people learning this language: I would suggest to try various methods. It can be Quizlet to start with basic vocabs Then reading children's story books can also help to beginners.

Do you have a tip for everyone learning a new language: Focus some time everyday for learning and continue with it.

This is pretty cool, I'm Dutch so it's cool to see people who are trying to learn the language. I know Dutch is a difficult language, often even for native speakers.

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Have a great weekend!

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