Friday, 10 May 2013

Interview #2, Eustacia Tan

Here is another interview, you can find the first one here, it was with Ashley Wade. To fill out a form yourself and be added to this lovely list, look here on the interview page.


Name: Tan Pei Ling Eustacia
Country: Singapore
Age: 19

Original language: English and Chinese
New language: Japanese
Proficiency in new language: Around JLPT N2 - able to get by in a Japanese university

How long have you been learning the language: Once a week for two year, and intensely for 9 months.
Other languages you speak: English, Chinese (Madarin, Hokkien)
Why are you learning the language: To study in a Japanese University.

What do you find the most fun part about learning the language
: Being able to read the novels in their original language. Studying a translated work means always wondering if you're misinterpreting something, especially when you're talking about the language.
What do you hate about learning the language: Grammar.

What is your tip to other people learning this language: Focus on learning sentence patterns, and practice them immediately so that they become part of daily use.

Do you have a tip for everyone learning a new language: Try to immerse yourself in the language, and don't be afraid to try a conversation, no matter how poor you are in the language.

Places where you can find Eustacia:
Twitter: @PeiLing93
G+: Eustacia Tan

I know Eustacia from google+, we were both doing NaNoWriMo(writing competition) last year and I was really impressed that she was actually studying in Japan.
Definitely check out her blog, she has great post and even better pictures. I love how a lot of her posts are about cultural things that you might otherwise never think of (that, and food).

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