Sunday, 21 April 2013

1100 views in one month and a couple of changes around the blog

WHOA thank you!!!

I just saw that I've now got 1100 views just this month! That is great, I've never had a blog with these kind of views before, I'm humbled by all your interest in this blog.

I never expected this to happen, I guess this goes to prove that when you write useful things people will come to find the blog.
Thank you all so much!

Now onward.
If you look around the blog you can see there are a few changes.

I added a couple more tabs at the top of the blog.
Learning a Language now brings you to a list with posts of global language learning posts on this blog.
Language interviews brings you to a form for the interview and soon I'll add the list with people who have had their interviews published on the blog. You're always welcome to participate, no matter the language you're learning.
Glossary, pretty self explanatory, here I explain words either to do with Japanese or language learning in general. If you're uncertain about a word it's likely it's in here.
Other language blogs, also self explanatory, a list of other blogs and websites that talk about learning languages. If you have a language blog please add it to the list.

I also created a facebook page for this blog, where you can ask questions and things like that and I'll be linking interesting articles and websites I run into that have to do with learning.

Going forward:

For the next while I'll still be updating when I find something interesting to talk about. The hiragana and katakana course that I talked about in my early posts will hopefully start this summer when I'm finished with university and moved into my new place.

If you have questions about English or Dutch and or would like me to make a couple of posts about those two languages, leave a comment here or on my twitter or my facebook page. I'm always open to ideas.
Of course, questions and ideas for Japanese posts are always welcome too, I have a few ideas but others are welcome too.

Once again, thank you all for your interest in this blog, I hope I won't disappoint in the future and make this blog even more popular!

Study on!