Thursday, 17 January 2013

Interview 1: Ashley Wade

Here is the first of the interviews I'll be running, you can sign up if you want by going to the interview tab on the top of the page.
Well, here it is:

Name: Ashley Wade
Country: USA
Age: 29

Original language: English
New language: Japanese, ASL
Proficiency in new language: Japanese: Elementary, ASL: Elementary

How long have you been learning the language
: Japanese: 10 years (off and on), ASL: 4 years
Other languages you speak: I know how to say "I don't know your language" in quite a few languages
Why are you learning the language: For the sake of learning something new
What do you find the most fun part about learning the language: Learning the culture behind the language
What do you hate about learning the language: Learning in a classroom setting for more than a couple of months

What is your tip to other people learning this language: For any language:  have fun with it

Do you have a tip for everyone learning a new language: For any language:  have fun with it

You can also find Ashley on her webpage:

Thank you so much for doing this Ashley!
That was it for the first interview, I'll be trying to host someone new every Thursday!

Study on!